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Meat is an integral part of the people's diet, despite the doctor's warnings about its possible frequent use.

Meat contains proteins, vitamins from group B, zinc and iron. The most important argument from doctors to meat is associated with the development of cardiovascular disease.

Eating or not eating, everyone decides for themselves. This article provides useful tips on choosing and cooking a product.

1. How to choose. A more correct approach to this problem is to shop for the market. At the bazaar there are several chances of getting fresh meat that is not exposed to freezing. It must be a beautiful color without unhealthy shades. If the meat is not shiny and has a dry edge, then it is better not to buy it. Be aware that there is no mucus. The scent should be natural, unnatural aromas are unacceptable. Also pay attention to the butcher's workplace and how narrow he looks. The cleanliness of the host and the meat must be better.

2. Taste priorities. Do not think that only breasts have the best taste. For example, meat on the leg will have a more pronounced taste. Experts also suggest paying attention to such a part as the page.

3. Cooking. Despite the fact that cooking technologies are improving every year, the world's leading chefs prefer the classic method – open fire. Professionals have their own cooking rules: First, the plate (a kettle, a grill, a frying pan) must be red, so smoke comes from it. This shade is needed so that a crust appears and the meat is cooked in its own juice. Secondly, it is necessary to choose an average degree for the roasting to come out soft and juicy. Third, do not spoil the bowl with extra spices: In the classical sense, there is enough salt, black pepper, garlic and fragrant herbs.

As a dish, professionals recommend snacks – vegetables. They can also be baked or switched off. Drinks are traditional: red dry – to the meat on the grill, to the bowl of lemon – white dry, to the meat in Asian style – beer.

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