Fish is a healthy product and many experts strongly recommend including it in your regular diet.

However, some varieties are not worth buying in the store for several reasons. Which fish should be careful:

1. Red snapper. This fish is very expensive and is positioned as a product in the highest price category. However, it is a source of omega-6s, which in large numbers adversely affect liver health.

2. White tuna. Incredibly tasty black tuna. Despite its exceptional gastronomic properties, fish is very difficult to digest and can cause indigestion.

You can eat it, but occasionally in small quantities.

3. Royal mackerel. It's almost impossible to meet her on the shelves of our stores. This variety has a negative property of accumulating an element that is harmful to the human body – mercury.

But plain mackerel is good to eat.

4. Blue fine tuna. He is a frequent guest at expensive restaurants as he is very tasty and refined.

Doctors recommend treating themselves to bluefin tuna a maximum of 1-2 times a month as fish accumulate harmful substances in their bodies.

5. Shark. It is considered a delicacy and it is impossible to meet her meat in the sale of a general store. In other countries, however, it is not difficult to try unusual meat. However, experts strongly advise against this.

Sharks live long enough so that they manage to accumulate a large number of toxic compounds in the body.

In addition, the predator is omnivorous, so it can swallow everything. From this property of shark eating behavior, only the harmfulness of the meat increases.

Also, do not forget that the number decreases from year to year, so do not support their extinction.

6. Pangasius. Fish is considered one of the most toxic in the world. In addition, various drugs that enter the human body are often used during its production.

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