Cottage cheese is an exceptionally healthy and tasty product, but it is very important to combine it with the right products to reveal all the beneficial substances.

Culinary experts talked about the most useful combinations of this product.

A fairly popular combination is cottage cheese and fruits. Ideal fruits for cottage cheese are berries like cherries or strawberries.

It is very good to combine apples and bananas. By the way, of all these ingredients comes a very tasty, airy milk dessert.

The other variation is cottage cheese and vegetables.

A wonderful tandem is obtained from cottage cheese and tomato, especially in salads.

In addition, a fermented milk product can be consumed with onions, herbs, peppers and even cucumbers.

The third option is cottage cheese and honey. This dish is especially useful at the time of cold, but you should not engage in it as honey is very calorie rich.

The fourth method is cottage cheese and sour cream.

They complement each other perfectly, both in useful properties and in taste.

And the last combination is cottage cheese and nuts.

You are likely to know that nuts contain many useful trace elements as well as calories, so it is advised not to overdo it.

By the way, the enzymes contained in them help to absorb calcium.

Photo: Pixabay


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