Culinary experts note that cottage cheese maximizes its benefits in tandem with eggs, and cottage cheese stew is an ideal solution for those who love to combine tasty with healthy.

Experts decided to share three simple ways that make this healthy dish a culinary masterpiece.

First, choose the right cottage cheese: it must be fresh and the percentage of fat content should not exceed 5%.

If you buy a lot of fat, the product will be too dense, heavy and very low in calories.

Second, it is not necessary to use protein and egg yolk, it is more tasty only to cook with egg yolks. For 300 grams of product you need two eggs or 4 egg yolks. The stew is cream.

Third, do not violate sugar. If you add two tablespoons of sugar, don’t be afraid to add four so the dish will be sophisticated and tender.

Photo: Pixabay


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