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This spice after getting on the big market almost immediately fell in love with many hostesses.

It is not only his ability to provide spicy dishes and the ability to make new acquaintances play with new tastes, but also because of a large number of useful properties.

Ginger root for medical purposes from early use doctors in China and other countries in the Asian region. It was used by medics from medieval Europe and ordinary people as spices. Medieval Europeans used it in baking and spicy meat.

Gingerrot is a natural antioxidant with many useful essential oils and vitamins. It has: anti-inflammatory, choleretic, tonic, curative, antispasmodic and analgesic effect. Ginger root is often used as a preventive measure against colds. Effective with sore throat, flu and cold.

In modern Europe, a special drink is brewed for this purpose – ginger beer and beer. And in the Middle Ages, they prepare a special omelet with a root for the same purposes.

Compression can relieve pain.

It helps with all kinds of nausea: toxicity, chemotherapy, exercise disease. Can be used even during pregnancy.

Normalizes the gastrointestinal tract. A good remedy for preventing ulcer disease.

Helps with hypertension and strengthens the immune system.

Gingerrot was also widely known as an assistant in the fight against obesity. To do this you need to take fresh root or powder, brew like tea and drink one hour before eating. The result is not fast, but in combination with other weight loss techniques shows a good result.

But this healing root has its contraindications. It cannot be used in the second half of pregnancy, as there is a high risk of pressure increases. If the skin is too sensitive, avoid external strokes. Not recommended for patients with ulcers and gastritis. It should not be used for bleeding as the root accelerates blood circulation. In the case of kidney disease, it should also be avoided – it can speed up the process with the need for surgical intervention. Also, the plant can cause an allergic reaction.

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