TOP 5 salt pancake fillings

The most delicious and juicy fillers for pancakes.

Prepare yourself, try it for yourself, treat family and friends.

Filling with meat and greens

The most delicious and satisfying filling for pancakes from any kind of dough. Sweet cream and horseradish sauce will fit the dish in equal amounts.

Required Products:

• pork mass – 650 g;
• Onion – 2 pcs.
• cooking oil – 80 ml;
• green onions – ½ bunch
• fennel greens – 1/3 of the pile;
• salt – 1-2 sharp;
• spices for meat – 1-2 g.


1. Cut 50 g of fresh meat into slices. In a deep frying pan, fry until you burn.

2. Pour the onion finely, add it to the meat. Add water to the meat so that the liquid only covers the meat. Stiff at low boiling for one hour under a closed lid. Salt and sprinkle the spices for 5 minutes until cooked.

3. Turn the cold meat into a meat grinder. Add the chopped dill and green onion, mix.

Stewed cabbage filling

Sauerkraut is suitable for this filling. Before roasting, rinse with excess salt and acid. Serve the filled pancakes with any spicy sauce or cream cream, sprinkle with herbs.

Required Products:

• Fresh cabbage – 400 g;
• frying oil – 75-100 ml;
• Onion onion – 100 g;
• Tomato paste – 75 g;
• carrots – 50 g;
• salt – to taste;
• peppercorns and black – 3-5 pieces.


1. Onions are cut into small cubes into a transparent state in a deep frying pan to which oil is added. Attach grated carrots, lightly blush.

2. Pour cabbage thinly, send to vegetables, salt, add peas. Continue roasting until the cabbage settles and becomes soft.

3. Dissolve the tomato paste in a glass of warm water, pour the cabbage. Stew until tender under the lid closed. The timing of stewing cabbage is 15 minutes, late varieties of cabbage – 30-40 minutes.

Liver plug with boiled egg

Liver for any filling is suitable, but chicken liver jumps quickly and it turns tender and juicy. Mayonnaise can be replaced with sour cream.

Required Products:

• Chicken liver – 0.5 kg;
• sunflower oil – 75-100 ml;
• Average onion – 100 g;
• salt and spices – to your taste;
• boiled eggs – 2-3 pieces.
• mayonnaise with a fat content of 4-6 tablespoons
• Chopped vegetables – on request.


1. On hot oil, fry liver pieces until half are cooked. Stir regularly during cooking.

2. Add spices and chopped onions to the liver, salted and so little sweat.

3. Pour 100-150 ml of water, simmer, stir for approx. ten minutes.

4. Let the liver cool, chop or chop into a meat grinder.

5. Mix the egg eggs and prepared liver. Add mayonnaise (cream) and green.

Canned fish that fills oil

Pancakes with this filling can be baked for 10 minutes in the oven. Spread such grated cheese pancakes or sprinkle with melted butter.

Required Products:

• Preserved in oil – 1 can;
• boiled eggs – 2-3 pieces.
• Chopped vegetables – on request.


1. Drain the can of sauce. Remove the large bones beforehand, mix the fish with a fork.

2. Chopped eggs mixed with fish. If the filling is rather dry, pour it into the can. For taste, add greens and salt.

Mushroom filling with cheese

Delicate filling for pancakes with mushrooms and cheese is not only suitable for a family dinner, but also for a festive table. Serve a delicacy with cream and herbs.

Required Products:

• Fresh mushrooms – 350 g;
• butter – 60 g;
• Onion – 1 pc.
Hard cheese – 170 g;
• favorite spices – to taste;
• Salt – at the tip of the knife.


1. Step the onions cut into the neighborhood of the rings in butter.

2. Add the finely chopped mushrooms, let the juice evaporate. If necessary add a couple of tablespoons of water, then 5 minutes. At the end of cooking add spices and salt.

3. Mix grated cheese with constantly hot mushrooms. Stuff pancakes with immediate filling.

Enjoy your meal!

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