Top 5 Healthy Breakfast Lose Weight Right

Breakfast is a good habit through which it becomes much easier to lose weight.

Properly cooked breakfast will not only stimulate you for the whole day but also help you keep your figure in top shape.

Oatmeal in a can

This breakfast can rightly be considered one of the most simple and useful. It is prepared in the evening so it is ideal for those who do not have a large supply of leisure in the morning.

Large oatmeal is poured into a special container. Fruit and Greek yogurt or kefir are laid on top of each layer of grain. After having breakfast in this way, put it in the refrigerator at night. In addition, oatmeal in a jar is easy to transport so it is very convenient to take it with you on the road if necessary.


The preparation of breakfast is very easy and fast. To do this, mix 3 tablespoons of oatmeal with one egg and 50 ml of milk. You can make such a breakfast every day using different fillers. It can be all kinds of vegetables and fruits.

Fried egg with croutons

If you don't like porridge, then this breakfast setup will definitely appeal to you. This breakfast is rich not only in proteins, but also in complex carbohydrates that are needed for energy. To do this you need black or whole grain bread. Be aware that croutons need to be roasted on a dry frying pan without using oil.

The next step is the eggs. Here you can experiment: fried eggs, scrambled eggs or scrambled eggs. In an omelet you can, for example. Add cheese, green or favorite vegetables.

Curd sandwich

A pasta-like filling of finely chopped vegetables, cottage cheese and vegetables is spread on toasts from whole grain or rye bread. Alternatively, you can add an egg here.

Latte dumplings

The preparation of this dish usually takes no more than 15 minutes. Take approx. 200 g of cottage cheese, a couple of tablespoons of oatmeal or rice flour and an egg. If you want to make dumplings sweet, add the vanilla sugar or sweetener. To start, beat the egg and then mix all the ingredients into a suitable bowl. From the resulting mass of roll sausage, which is then cut into small pieces. Hands in the process can be moistened with water so that the dough does not stick.

In boiling and lightly salted water, put dumplings and cook for a maximum of four minutes. During this time they will increase in volume, become very tasty and airy. Such dumplings will be well combined with natural yogurt, whose fat content does not exceed 5%, as well as with sour cream. Fruits, berries and honey are also good here.

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