Anyone can become the victim of hangover, even those who do not mix, eat and go to bed on time.

But you can neutralize its effect using a tasty and healthy breakfast and feel like a "cucumber" at lunchtime. Fresh.

1. Eat bananas and pretzels

No, seriously An unexpected combination of these two products will help restore the water-salt balance of the body and reduce the level of toxins contained in alcohol. Add to this simple breakfast with natural peppermint if you are afflicted with nausea.

2. Boiled eggs will no less effectively help your weakened body to remove harmful toxins. Moreover, they are suitable for the most delicate digestive system, which is very important in a hangover.

Don't try to get involved in egg yolks, even if you're considering cholesterol as a marketing grip, and also prefer boiled eggs to fried or scrambled eggs.

3. Coconut water

We can argue that you do not eat breakfast with fresh coconuts too often, but if you need to clean out alcohol, fill up on a bottle of juice, which is easy to find in any large supermarket.

This water contains more potassium than bananas, and its generally neutral taste is still much nicer than plain water.

A small bonus: Coconut water has a laxative effect, on the one hand, this is a plus because toxins will leave you with great speed, but this day will be better spent at home.

4. Crackers and kefir

Remember how in childhood after poisoning did mom give us broth with biscuits? Dry bread in this case will serve as a kind of absorbent, it will absorb excess from the body, saturate you with carbohydrates and will not let you die of hunger if nothing else in you climbs. Kefir also contains beneficial bifidobacteria which allow you to get in shape in a short time.

5. If you are able to make something restorative for yourself, try making asparagus soup.

Scientists have shown that these simple stems 70% increase the body's ability to withstand harmful toxins. In addition, people who regularly use asparagus generally suffer less from a hangover. If you have a heavy alcoholic weekend ahead, learn how to make asparagus.

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