Top 3 Lenten dishes at all times

Orthodox believers began to borrow. At present, the church advises to change the diet and turn to spiritual food. We offer three universal recipes for all time Lenten dishes.

Mushroom soup

To prepare this bowl, you must:

mushrooms – 300 g; potatoes – 2 pcs. onions, carrots – 1 pc. sunflower oil – 25 g; salt, pepper, herbs, leaf of leaves – to taste.


Cut the potatoes into cubes, place them in cold salted water and cook on low heat. Frying mushrooms with onions and carrots (grate on grate) in vegetable oil (you can stew in a small amount of water), pepper, add your favorite spices. Fill the zazharku in the pan when the potatoes are ready, cook together for approx. five minutes. To enhance the taste you can add chopped greens and garlic teeth.

Braised Cabbage

To prepare this bowl, you must:

soft cabbage – 1 kg; carrots – 2 pcs. onion – 1 pc. vegetable oil – 25 g; salt, pepper, tomato sauce – to taste.


Finely chop onion, grill carrot and rise to caramel shade over low heat. Add tomato sauce, stir well. Pour cabbage, add to the pulp, salt and pepper, season with your favorite spices and let the cook boil until soft.

Rice with vegetables

To prepare this bowl, you must:

long grain rice – 1 tbsp. Bulgarian pepper, carrot, tomato – 1 pc. cauliflower – 200 g; canned peas – 100 g; water – 2 tbsp. vegetable oil – 50 g; salt, spices, herbs – to taste.


Wash rice several times with water, chop all vegetables fine. Warm the pan, add your favorite spices, mix. Sauté carrots, cabbage, pepper. Cover rice, rise for a few minutes. Pour the mixture with water, after boiling, reduce heat, add green peas, checked tomato and leaf leaf. Salt and pepper taste, cover and simmer for 20-30 minutes until the water evaporates.

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