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Borsch is one of the most popular dishes from Slavic cuisine.

Experienced chefs shared the secrets of how to turn an ordinary borsch into a truly culinary masterpiece:

1. An ideal borsch should have a rich broth. The best option is meat on the bone. Fry first, then cook the meat for 2-3 hours on descaling. Then it is necessary to separate the meat from the bones.

2. Beetroot should be stewed separately with lemon juice to give the borsch a light red color.

3. Don't forget that the cabbage should also be stewed until it becomes soft.

4. Roast onions, then add carrots and tomato paste: it is with these ingredients that the borscht gets its unique flavor.

5. The last touch: we bring to a uniform state fat without skin, garlic, dill and parsley. Add to borscht, switch off, cover and wait at least 15 minutes.

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