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Spring is in the yard, the season for the competition for the title of the best kebab is open.

And the taste of kebab again depends on how good the marinade was. A few secrets to the perfect marinade:

1. Add salt at the end and preferably just before frying. So kebab will be juicy.

2. Add a little vinegar, otherwise the meat may be dry.

3. The optimal marination time is 12 hours (at least not less than 4).

4. Get lots of onions: per. Kilo meat certainly take a pound of onion.

And now some amazing recipes.

Marinade with kefir. Ingredients: A bunch of coriander, one liter of fat yogurt, 3 onions, 1.5 kg of meat.

Marinade with red wine: 1.2 kg of meat, 300 ml of wine, 6 onions, 2 leaf leaves, 2 rosemary, a teaspoon of red pepper, salt.

Mayonnaise: 1.4 kg of meat, a pinch of coriander and paprika, 250 grams of mayonnaise, 5 onions, salt and pepper.

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