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For a picnic in nature to go flawlessly, it is important not only to have a good kebab recipe, but also to follow a few simple rules.

To make everyone happy, you need:

1. Plan everything in advance. Not only to find the optimal time, good free space, but to make a list of things that will definitely be needed in nature. Remember how often it happens that everyone only remembers something important when they come to their destination.

2. Deciding on people. Too many guests tired and bring chaos. The ideal number of people at a picnic is no more than 10.

3. Medicines. Do not investigate the force majeure situation. It is better to insure and take the most necessary drugs with you.

4th Place. Choose a place with trees nearby: You can hide in the shade.

5. Mayonnaise If possible replace it with another sauce: in the heat it can deteriorate quickly.

6. Entertainment. Come with common entertainment, not to sit on social networks. Choose a group entertainment that everyone will like.

7. Avoid polyethylene. Replace it with adhesive film.

8. A large plate. Have a capacity where you put snacks.

9. Insects. Take more mosquito repellent.

10. Ice Tag is for drinks and meat. Do not put the products in the suitcase.

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