Pizza is one of the most popular and favorite dishes among children and adults. That is why we tell you today how to make fast and tasty pizza at home.

Many experts in cooking claim that the thinner the dough and the more filling, the tastier the dish.

Therefore, in our recipe describes the preparation of pizza on a thin crispy dough.

We immediately notice that the dough can be purchased in stores in the cooking department to save the cooking time. You need the following cooking products:

mushrooms – 200 grams; hard cheese – 400 grams; boiled chicken fillet – 300 grams; tomatoes – 2-3 pieces; sausages or smoked sausage – 200 grams; Tomato sauce, mayonnaise or other sauces to taste – 200 grams.

First, roll out the dough thinly so that you do not lose your size, focus on your baking sheets or baking pans.

It is advisable to bake in special pizza trays so that the dough does not burn, if not, then sprinkle the pan lightly with flour.

Now prepare the filling: the chicken fillet should be cut into thin slices, sausages or sausage – in small rings, tomatoes shredded and rings.

It is advisable to chop the sponge into slices and rub the cheese on an average large grater.

Then put the dough into a baking tin, butter it with sauces, in our case soften the base thoroughly with tomato sauce, let it brew for a while.

When we start to lay the chicken fillet, mushrooms, sausages, tomatoes, regularly benefit regularly and on top of it evenly – cheese.

The oven should be heated to 220 degrees – put the pizza in the oven and leave it for 10 minutes.

The dish is ready. Bon appetit!

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