Surprisingly, it turns out that delicious cupcakes can be prepared quickly, tasty and in the microwave.

To begin with, we want to specify that the boiling tank must be special that can withstand the temperature, e.g. Special rubber containers or cups.

Today we tell you how to make a chocolate muffin with banana and without flour – it turns out to be a very dietary.

From the ingredients you need:

banana – 1 piece; eggs – 1 piece; cocoa powder – 2 tbsp; Butter – to grease the mug.

Now do the cooking.

First, grease the mug with oil so the cupcake does not stick or burn in the baking process.

Then peel the banana, knead it with a fork in a deep container, add an egg, cocoa.

The resulting mass is thoroughly mixed until thick and homogeneous.

Then pour it into a mug or in a special baking container, put the microwave on the maximum power and bake for 1-2 minutes until ready.

Chefs are advised to serve dessert hot, watery topping or maple syrup.

Photo: Pixabay

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