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Vanessa Hudgens, Alicia Wikander, Halley Berry select the exact keto and this list can be added indefinitely. What to say, people love fancy diets for extremely fast weight loss. The problem is that they are often dangerous (hi, Atkins) or lead to even more weight gain after. But since the Hollywood stars abandoned acute diets for the benefit of a healthy diet and lifestyle, the popularity of the keto diets has increased. The ketone or ketogenic diet is basically a low-fat, low-carbohydrate diet that focuses on the consumption of healthy, clean fats that the body can turn into energy. Think: olive, nuts, fish, coconut oil and avocado (all you need, not just for weight loss, but also for beautiful skin). "Under the keto, the body burns stored fat," says New York City Carey Glassman nutritionist. In other words: "When the body reaches a ketogenic state, it is stored fat for energy." We made a sub-picture of the stars, which ensures that their new figure is the result of a keto diet. Angelica Cabral actress "Life in pieces" in March 2019 admitted that she lost her thanks to keto. "I'm kind of keto on a diet, but it's not haying," says the star. "I went to a specialist who recommended removing flour, dairy products and beans from the diet, replacing them with fruit, fish, greens and nuts. Is it keto? I don't know but I lost 20 kg!" Also in its daily menu: berries, black coffee, salmon, greens and nuts. "It changed my body. It has changed my life." – reveals the girl. Chad Johnson Star "Bachelor in Paradise" shares a secret that helps him look great on the screen: "I try to hold on to keto diets every time I go on the show. I usually eat a lot of carbohydrates and meat, But that's because they help build muscle, but just before I go to the show, about a week, I cut all the carbohydrates and lose a few kilos. "Keto diet is the fastest way to lose weight. Carbohydrates are energy, and in a keto diet, you turn off energy and the body is forced to burn its own fat for energy production, "he explained." So technically, this is the easiest way to lose weight. "Brian Abasolo, January 25, 2019 Bacherolette Instagram Stories told the 13th season that he was back on the keto diet, and for breakfast he chose eggs with cheddar cheese that complemented them with avocado salad in olive oil, and Abasolo also shared his keto dinner with baked salmon, avocado cauliflower, walnuts, green cheddar cheese Halle Berry As a person with type 1 diabetes, an apparently ageless star has always been obsessed with proper nutrition, knowing that it is keto! "When I looked at what she was eating, I was surprised : "Oh, spoil it. You're fully in the ketogenic diet that is very popular now." It was when she came to me that she already had ketosis. Vanessa Hudgens The actress admitted that she was a prolonged supporter of fatty, low carbohydrates. An antioxidant smoothie with acai berries, blueberries, banana and coconut oil is one of its main foods. "I eat something that tastes good to me so I find recipes and combinations that are unusual for keto. But at least I try to get enough healthy fats, proteins and energy supplies." Alicia Vikander Diet keto thank you before shooting Tomb Raider in 2018. After getting 6 kg of muscles, her coach Magnus Ligdbek said that it was time to switch to the drying state, and only keto would help with this. Wikander eliminated carbohydrates and consumed avocado and coconut oil as a source of fat and vitamins. Winnie Guadagnino Gymnastics, tanning … keto? Star Jersey Shore launched an Instagram report – @ketoguido to track its progress. By losing 25 kg, Guadagnino wrote in December 2017: "I was fat when I ate too much sugar. Then I sat on a keto diet (with one or two meals a week) and the fat melted. simple. No medicine, pills and breakdown. "Jenna Jameson Former adult actress for adults lost 40 kilos on a keto diet. She shared the shocking pictures before and after in her Instagram account. Her daily menu is coffee, scrambled eggs with cheese, cottage cheese, rocket salad, rib-eye steak and asparagus. "My advice is to stop snacking," she wrote. "The results are only the ones that do. It's hard, but baby, it's worth it!" The Courtney Kardashian Star reality show creates its own diet and borrows many different dietary principles.In January 2018, Kardashian reported that she followed a ketogenic diet combined "for 2-3 months" in 2017. As a nutrition expert Keri Glassman explains, keto is often combined with intermittent fasting and provides the best effect. "In this way, people reduce calorie intake and reduce weight more quickly," says doctor. Before his wedding in 2016, Astin began to stick with keto to be in perfect shape on day X. "Your body goes into a state where it burns fat so you can actually consume a lot of fat," says the actor. : Lose Weight Without Diet: 10 Ways That Work Five Signs That You Need to Quickly Change Diet Diet That Has Lost More Than 10 Kg In Record Time: How Did They Do It?

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