Charlotte with apples is the most delicious, but at the same time simple and inexpensive cakes that can be prepared at home.

For the cake we need the following ingredients:

Flour – 1 tbsp; Sugar – 1 tbsp; Eggs – 4 pieces; Baking powder for dough – 5 grams, apples and vanilla – 400 grams of apples, vanilla on the tip of a knife.

Initially it is necessary to sieve the flour well.

Then whisk eggs in a separate container, add sugar and vanillin to them, then beat again.

Now mix the flour with the mixture, mix everything thoroughly and add the baking powder.

Then, cut the apples into small slices and add them to the dough, then mix everything together and pour into the baking tray, where you previously smeared it with oil.

Preheat the oven to 180 ºС, after which it is necessary to place a mold with dough in it and bake at the same temperature.

It is necessary to bake a circle for half an hour, but you must take into account the features of your oven.

By the way, you can check the dish's readiness with a toothpick or a match: if the dough is not left, the pie can be considered ready.

Bon appetite!

Photo: Pixabay

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