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While summer still reigns in the yard, the relevance of the grill is undeniable: finding someone who can withstand the aromatic meat delicacy is difficult.

Follow the rules for leading chefs to prepare it professionally:

1. Only pick fresh meat that you pick yourself.

2. Cut the meat to a maximum of 5 centimeters.

3. Add sour berries to the marinade: this gives the meat a particularly spicy taste.

4. Try making a dry wine-based marinade.

5. Do not use vinegar if you like juicy tender meat.

6. For 1 kg of product, only one tablespoon of salt is required, which is added just before the start of cooking.

7. Roast the grill generally for no more than 20 minutes, otherwise your meat may be overexposed.

Photo: Pixabay

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