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The first week of the loan comes. How to support the body's health, denies animal food, says the doctor in the clinic "Metestet", nutrition expert Marina Astafieva. During fasting, five main products are rejected – meat, eggs, fish, milk and butter. Generally, a fasting person does not suffer from a lack of vitamins and minerals, but each animal product has unique trace elements that are important not to lose. Let's say that meat is the main source of vitamin B12 and iron. Gathering them from plant foods is not easy. We reject milk, we lose calcium and vitamin D. In vegetable foods there is calcium, but in order to get it in abundance, the frequency of consumption of fruit, cereals and vegetables must be high. Replacing animal protein with vegetables, you must remember that fiber removes up to 50 percent of the protein from the body. Mushrooms, nuts, vegetable oil, legumes, cereals and greens should also be on the table all the time. INTERESTING ACTIVITY After completing a series of experiments, scientists came to the conclusion that people who eat a handful every day (about 30-35 grams) increase their chances of surviving at a high age by 20 percent.

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