The amounts of coffee consumed by many exceed several cups per day.

Some people need a cup of coffee to feel their wakefulness in the morning, while others with the help of coffee support their ability to work all day.

After examining the dependence on the people of America, the famous chemist Ben Yu decided to create an alternative to a refreshing drink. His invention was the caffeine-based "Sprayed Energy" spray. A new "source" of odorless energy. In addition, it does not contain calories and leaves no aftertaste.

"Sprayed energy" is presented in the form of a normal fluid which is absorbed into the body through the skin and slowly spreads in the body for two hours.

In a comment on his invention, the American chemist noted that the spray is much more effective even than the strongest coffee.

One bottle contains more than 150 doses of caffeine, which can be compared to 40 cups of coffee. However, Ben Yu notes that buying a spray can save a significant amount of money because the cost of nearly 40 cups of coffee is only $ 15.


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