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Many recall the time of the Soviet Union with nostalgia, longing and warmth.

Many miss the true taste of ice cream, which was sold without packaging or the doctors' sausage, and bought as you could count on perfect taste. But these items, although somewhat modified, can still be found on the shelves of grocery stores, which cannot be said of the rest of the list:

1. Soviet chewing gum. It was not as common as foreign analogues, but they also had specific flavors – such as coffee or fruit. Gum was designed for once and for all – both for children and adults.

2. Canned shrimp. They were called "krill meat" and served on special occasions. In some countries of the former Soviet Union, you can still find a product, but not everywhere. Note to very good taste.

3. Real tea. Only black and fruit were sold, but their taste is not easy to forget: black was rich and strong, sold in pressed form. Fruit juice was a real bouquet of dried dried fruit.

4. Birke juice. This juice, which was sold in large three-liter banks. Some stores can still be found, but now the emphasis is on citric acid.

5. Kissel in packages. It is not only distinguished by its delicious taste, but also by its nature: only berries were used in its production. In modern stores you can get the product, but the composition is in doubt because of the large number of chemicals.

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