Smart recipes from IKEA everyone can cook

The popular brand IKEA has always set a specific goal: to make customers' lives as easy as possible. The Canadian branch of the Scandinavian brand decided to facilitate the process of cooking lunches and dinners – special chic recipes were created in collaboration with the marketing company Leo Burnett, who was called Cook This Page.

This simple yet truly ingenious invention will allow you to make a variety of dishes, and even those who are not too strong in cooking can do so. All you need is to follow the recipe carefully.

And what's so special about this, you ask? Here's what: the recipe is printed with food colors on a sheet of parchment. In addition, the ingredient list is equipped with simple illustrations that can help novices determine the number of desired products. It is noteworthy that all ingredients can be purchased at the IKEA store.

The products have to put on their respective illustrations, and then just pack the parchment and bake the dish in the oven! Cooking with wise recipes will be incredibly simple and interesting, and it is almost impossible to destroy the dish.

In addition to Cook This site has simple recipes, the creators have combined kitchens from different countries, so you will certainly not be bored with cooking.

For example, one of the recipes suggests making ravioli with Swedish meatballs.

On the parchment sheet you can see simple notation – 1/8 tsp. Salt, 1 crushed garlic clove, a place for ravioli and meatballs.

In addition, you can find a place for oregano – you have to put a leaf of this fragrant grass in every corner of the leaf.

It's as easy to make the most delicious salmon – a restaurant-quality dish that everyone can now handle!

Simply place the salmon fillets on the parchment, place the pepper, salt, herbs and onion powder in the places intended for this place, roll the parchment and send it to the oven.

And for parties IKEA and their wise recipes offer to make good cocktail shrimps.

It's simple: set prawns, cherry tomatoes on parchment, add aromatic spices, roll, bake – that's it!

Cook This site from IKEA can be a real breakthrough in modern cooking. Simple, fast, tasty and interesting – such recipes will surely delight those who are not eager for cooking and do not want to spend a lot of time making dinner.

Chief editor of the blogJosh.