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Beetroot is not only an ingredient for borscht and herring under a coat, but also an independent tasty and healthy vegetable.

Plus, she is a great helper in losing weight because it contains a substance that acts as a natural fat burner.

The first method is suitable for those who are too lazy to cook or do not have time but want to eat. Cook the tuber, cut it into cubes, pour a little olive oil, add chopped fresh herbs to the top. This way of satisfying hunger is also suitable for dinner – few calories and great benefits.

The other way is soup. It is necessary to take an equal amount of onions, carrots and beets, chop. Then slacken approx. 15 minutes with the addition of water. Then add the cabbage and simmer for 15 minutes. After – a little tomato paste, finely chopped garlic and lemon juice and cook to finish.

And the third option – smoothies with beetroot, kefir and celery. Such a drink helps to completely replace a full meal.

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