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Your attention is a simple recipe for cooking the legendary Mexican cuisine – chili.

We managed to make love and fame all over the world.

We need: a large onion, a pound of minced meat (it is better to prefer beef), Bulgarian pepper, 3 tomatoes, garlic head, a chili pod, a jar of spicy tomato puree and canned asparagus, a tablespoon of oregano, paprika and chili, salt to taste.

We take a grid with a thick bottom, warm it, add oil (preferably olive oil). Fry onion until golden brown. Add the filling, bring it almost to full readiness. They are followed by randomly chopped tomatoes and peppers. Stir, simmer a little. Then pour the spicy pasta. After a few minutes go the spices. All thoroughly mixed, add asparagus (may be with the liquid). Cover cover, bring to readiness. Finely chopped garlic is added 5 minutes before being fully cooked.

The bowl is very high in calories and spicy. If you are a fan of less spicy dishes, you cannot add the chili pepper yourself, which limits you to powdered spices.

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