Senor amp Senorita returns half of the purchases

From 25 October to 25 November, when you buy an amount you can get up to 50% of the cost back.

A change of landscape is not in the autumn. At this time of year you will have warmth, comfort and cocoa with marshmallows. But seniors and senorites do you love change? Let it be a new candlestick, a warm blanket, a colorful tablecloth in the kitchen or a large purchase that you have put on for a long time!

Senor and Senorita call to reject stereotypes and enjoy the changes by launching the "Half of the Gift" promotion!

Make purchases in Senor & Senorita for any amount from October 25 to November 25, the buyer automatically becomes a participant in the action and receives a refund of 50% of the amount in the form of a coupon! More than 3000 items participate in the action. For example, you buy a set of kitchen utensils for 1 257 000 soums, you get a coupon for an amount of 628 500 soums. For the size of the coupon, you can buy a set of bright cutting boards.

Home Textiles, Exquisite Dishes, Kitchen Utensils, Comfortable Blades for Home and Mood – The whole world of tendons and senorita is designed to make life enjoyable and cozy, and with Half Gift Amount, you can make purchases, keep your family budget and fill your house beauty and quality details.

Senor & Senorita is more than a store chain. This is the softness that can be felt, pleasant aromas that fill the house. This is quality, perfect reputation, care in all stitches of textiles, all designs of porcelain and the functionality of every detail.

The season with special offers has started and this is an opportunity to love your house more with Senor & Senorita.

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Address: 11A Karatash street, MEDIAPARK Karatash shopping center, 2nd floor.

Landmark: Uzbekistan's Association of Banks.

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Address: Buyuk Ipak Yuli Street, 105A, MEDIAPARK Ipak Yuli Shopping Center, 2nd floor.

Landmark: Hotel Saekhat.

Operating mode: from 10:00 to 20:00 without days off.

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Official Instagram Page: @senorandsenorita

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