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Professional chefs agree that it is not necessary to buy ready-made marinated meat: it is better to do everything yourself.

There are 5 secrets of the perfect kebab.

1. Choose good meat. It must be juicy and fresh. The best classic option would be lamb or lamb, beef should only pay attention to marble meat. The following parts are good in pork: ham, neck, ribs and shoulder blade. The chicken does not only fit the breast due to its dryness.

2. The right cutting method. Observe the golden remedy rule: small pieces become dry and fried, and large pieces, on the other hand, are partially obtained.

3. Literate marinade. Meat in the marinade should stay overnight (or at least a couple of hours). The best marinade is simple: vegetable oil, onions, spices. Add salt shortly before direct cooking, so the meat remains juicy. Choose the right spices: chicken and pork – paprika, veal – chili, lamb – zira and coriander. When you mix the meat with marinade, remember a little with your hands: How to put onion juice.

4. String on spear tips. If you jam in mayonnaise sauce, remove it. A spear must not be stretched more than 6 pieces. The distance between the meat must be at least a few millimeters.

5. The cooking process. The distance from meat to coal should not be more than 15 cm, otherwise a tasty crust will not form. You only need to fry the balls, then turn off the fire with clean water or lemon juice. Do not leave kebabs during cooking. Preparedness is easily evaluated by the juice and the color of the flesh by incision.

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