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Any hostess can make a lush mushroom cake, perfect muffins, delicious cakes.

Only you have to do everything right and follow the advice already proven by many culinary specialists.

All baking products must be at room temperature.

Remove them from the refrigerator a few hours before cooking. This rule is particularly relevant for yeast products. If the temperature of the ingredients is different, they do not mix well.

Sugar in buns and pies is needed not only for taste, it is also food for yeast.

Therefore, even in unsweetened dough, add at least one tablespoon of sugar. But for brewed products, on the contrary, sugar is the biggest enemy. It prevents the cake from rising in the oven.

For baking the best oil with a fat content of 82.5%.

Oil with such a fat content has the necessary properties to create a stable emulsion and combine with a liquid. When using another oil, the cream can be exfoliated and the dough becomes too wet.

Always aim for flour before combining with liquid products.

Then you saturate it with oxygen, and there will be no lumps in the finished product.

If the cake is already reddish on top, but inside it is not cooked yet.

If you get this situation, cover the cake with foil. So it's inside and it won't burn outside.

The finished biscuits crumble hard when chopped.

Wrap their cling film and leave in the refrigerator for 8 hours. Biscuits get closer, it can easily be divided into parts.

Remember to remember that there are no successful recipes, it is just about skill and experience.

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