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It turns out that eating kebab is good for the body.

Researchers emphasize that a moderate amount of kebab gives the body an additional portion of natural antioxidants.

The researchers also explained the reason for this discovery. As it turned out, in the process of marinating, the content of antioxidant substances in meat is significantly increased. Antioxidants are known to protect the body from inflammation and even cancer. Molecular analysis of marinades helped scientists find out this fact.

Scientists also note that marinades containing spices, herbs, garlic, honey, red pepper, lemon juice and vegetable oils enrich the meat with beneficial compounds that can combat the development of cellular mutations and improve the condition of the cardiovascular system.

It is particularly noteworthy that grilling is not capable of destroying antioxidant ingredients.

The researchers also added that the effect described cannot be achieved if the meat for the kebab was spoiled.

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