1553530392 Salad with chicken and walnuts

Koger is funny to note that this salad is ideal for lovers because the onions and garlic are absent in their recipe. Experienced housewives recommend giving preference to pickles, rather than pickled cucumbers, and after cutting remove excess juice.


200 g chicken fillet 200 g smoked chicken; 200 g pickled cucumbers 4 eggs; 50 g walnuts.


Wash the chicken fillet, boil it in lightly salted water, cool. Along with smoked chicken cut into cubes, just cut the eggs and cucumbers, chop nuts.

Spread the salad in layers, butter each with mayonnaise. The scheme is as follows: boiled fillet, cucumbers, eggs, smoked fillet.

Salad top thoroughly with mayonnaise, sprinkle with chopped nuts. Leave the bowl for a maximum of half an hour.

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