Roll with potatoes and mushrooms

The bowl is suitable for a lean and well-known diet. Roll with potatoes and mushrooms can be prepared as a snack on a festive table.


1 sheet of thin pita; 400 g mushroom (or forest mushrooms); 1 onion; 600 grams of potatoes; green onions – to taste.


Peel the potatoes, cook, among them. To keep it thick and not dry, you can add a small potato broth.

Fry the onions in a pan until golden brown, half put in a puree. Combine the rest with finely chopped mushrooms, simmer over medium heat until cooked.

Spread a leaf of pita bread, distribute mashed potatoes over it, leaving the edges free, place mushrooms and onions on top. Bend the edges of the pita bread in the middle, turn the bowl into a roll, gently place it on a baking sheet lubricated with butter and bake until the light is golden brown.

Photo: from open sources

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