Products that will only worsen your condition during a cold

Usually, you do not want to eat at the time of illness – a weakened body simply cannot afford to digest a large amount of food, in addition to a decrease in motor activity (everyone remembers the bed air?), The digestive process is lowered. But to take away vitamins and nutrients, it's still not worth it, so food should remain full and balanced even if you have a temperature. But some foods are really better to exclude from the diet until the body is restored. We tell you which products can be a hindrance to recovery. Dairy products Burn potatoes Coffee Alcohol snus Fast food Vegetables and fruits Nuts Dairy products Dairy products promote the formation of mucus in the body, making it difficult for the respiratory tract to discharge sputum and aggravate rhinitis. However, this property has only fat "milk" – butter, cheese, cream, and cream fraiche and cottage cheese with a high proportion of fat. But you can drink milk, low fat kefir or yogurt. And to neutralize mucus-forming effect, it is recommended to add ginger or turmeric. Steep Potatoes This group of prohibited foods includes not only fried potatoes, but also any fried food, be it meat, fish, chicken or pancakes. First, in fried foods, there is a lot of fat, which creates extra strain on the heart and liver. Secondly, it is difficult for the stomach to digest such dishes, even when the owner is completely healthy, and there is nothing to say about the body weakened by infection. It is better to eat more chicken broth with the addition of vegetables – it is nutritious and useful for immunity due to its constituent carnosine. Coffee You probably know that in case of cold illness, it is recommended to drink a lot to remove toxins and bacteria from the body as soon as possible. However, caffeine contained in both cereals and instant coffee causes dehydration. In addition, it creates an extra burden on the heart that the hospital does not need at all and has a stimulating effect on the nervous system, which is also unnecessary. Therefore, replace coffee with herbal teas, juices and mineral water – at least for the cold season. Alcohol Unlike a common misconception, molten wine will not cure you of a cold – the only thing that this beverage is capable of is to prevent the disease from hypothermia. But already the infected organism does not save the mixture of wine and spices. On the contrary, alcohol will add the liver physician, who is already working actively, removing toxins from the body. Sweets Cakes that contain a huge amount of sugar reduce the activity of white blood cells – white blood cells that fight for the virus. Therefore, if you really want sweet, give preference to dried fruits, biscuits, biscuits and honey. By the way, the latter will not only be an excellent supplement to tea but will also help the body fight bacteria and strengthen the immune system. Fast Food Also read 7 foods that will protect against influenza better than vaccinations. During illness, the body requires easily digestible food, which of course does not include hamburgers and other products of fast food restaurants. In addition, fast food contains large doses of salt that prevent the removal of fluid, and with it, dangerous bacteria from the body. Incidentally, this also applies to sausages, sausages and other products from processed meat. Vegetables and Fruits You will be surprised, however, eating fresh vegetables and fruits during illness is not so helpful: the body needs great strength to digest them, so these gifts in nature are better used, cooked, baked or stewed. Nuts Nuts irritate the mucosa and lower the recovery process in the upper airway. Therefore, until the thermometer shows 36.6, it is better to deny them. According to the materials Photo:,,

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