Preparing the body for spring amp nbsp

You must start with sports. Yes, this is how you can awaken the body's activity and accelerate the production of amusement hormones. You can also calm your nerves and avoid stressful conditions. As for the stomach, it must be cleaned of toxins accumulated in the winter. Drink clean water with a lemon slice to cleanse the body and start the metabolism. Don't forget about vitamins. Eat fruits and vegetables (well in early spring you can find more fresh products on the market, moreover, their prices fall). Don't forget the green – our body has at least fresh vegetables. Our skin is difficult to tolerate temperature drops, so if you want to heat your face under the sun's rays, be sure to use the cream with SPF. You want to say what is the point if the sun is still not very hot? We will answer that there is meaning if you do not want to earn pigmentation. Try to prepare for the new season on all fronts: make a spring cleaning, then throw away the old unnecessary things, change the perfume to a more airy and light, and also use bright colors.

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