To make the perfect toast with cheese, buying delicious bread is not enough, you have to cut it right too.

More than one group of researchers worked to create the ideal cheese toast formula.

Specialists from the British Cheese Council investigated the properties of processed cheese, especially they tried to achieve a uniform distribution of cheese on bread during its melting. As a result, studies have shown that this consistency is slightly dependent on the type of cheese. The most important determining factor was the distance from the heater to the toast.

Separately, studies were conducted to identify the best time to bowl. After much debate, scientists set a total time of 4 minutes. Also during the investigation, controversial issues arose regarding varieties of bread and cheese.

In the end, the researchers announced the whole formula to make the perfect dish. To do this, you need 50 grams of cheese, preferably similar to cheddar, a slice of white bread with a thickness not exceeding 10 mm. The temperature of the grill should be 115 degrees Celsius, the bowl itself should be 18 inches from the heat source. The total cooking time is 4 minutes.


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