Overweight and Metabolic Syndrome How to Win amp Nbsp

What is metabolic syndrome? In metabolic syndrome, the cells in the body cease to perceive the hormone insulin, and as a result, it does not perform its function. Cells are poorly absorbed by glucose, do not receive the necessary nutrition because nutrients are not converted to energy, but are deposited as fat and glucose, and the hormone's insulin is accumulated in the blood. This inevitably leads to pathological abnormalities throughout the body, such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, cardiac ischemia. And such a "bunch" of diseases again has very serious consequences. Who is to blame? The problem of metabolic syndrome today becomes a real epidemic in all civilized countries. And we are mostly to blame ourselves: minimal physical activity and calorie content with a dominance of simple carbohydrates, resulting in a sharp rise in blood sugar levels. Doctors' recommendations to those at risk but want to prevent serious consequences are simple and accessible: It is important to reduce weight and avoid sudden increases in blood sugar, increase cell sensitivity to insulin. To do this you need to change your lifestyle and nutrition culture. Regular exercise and a balanced low-carb menu with a glycemic index for food are an effective tool in the fight against metabolic syndrome. Here is just a diet for many to become a real torture and sports are given with great difficulty. And obesity seems to grow almost from the pure scent of food. And what to do? First, to maintain the sugar level in the norm to avoid sharp fluctuations, to withstand the test of a diet and to cope with obesity, you should regularly take Oldijm pills from the drug company Evalar. Olidim maintains normal sugar content due to herbal remedies that have been shown to be susceptible to elevated sugars and fullness. Tablets "Odidzhim": Lower the absorption of excess sugar from food so that it does not enter the blood and is excreted from the body. Maintain normal blood sugar. Supports the pancreas, maintains healthy insulin production and the sensitivity of cells in all organs and tissues of the body. "Olidzhim" reduces cravings for candy by acting on taste buds, and because of this it becomes much easier to follow a diet, which means that it is easier to fight with excess weight. Second, tea "Odizhim" drinks throughout the day – this is a tasty alternative to plain tea for those who need to control their appetite and weight, maintain a normal metabolism and blood sugar. It consists of: galega grass (medicinal goat herb), which helps maintain normal blood sugar levels of lingonberry leaves, which have a diuretic effect and accelerate the elimination of sugar and insoluble salts from the nettle leaves, which support insulin production in the normal third. Daily vitamin support body also takes "Older vitamins for diabetes." Unlike ordinary vitamins, the Oligim vitamins are designed specifically for people who are prone to obesity and the development of the metabolic syndrome, taking into account the body's particular needs and errors in nutrition. It consists of 11 vitamins and 8 minerals, improved taurine. The intake of a sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals helps strengthen the body, improve immunity and prevent the occurrence of complications associated with their deficiency. It is important that the components of the series "Odidzhim" are of natural origin, therefore all substances can be used as long as it takes 2 to bring you back to normal. Read more on Evalar 1. The main active components of the tablets "Olidzhim" and tea "Olidzhim tea for diabetes" 2 According to the recommendation on the use of advertising

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