One way to live longer on amp nbsp

Tomorrow is International Consumer Day. The holiday, apparently fictitious, from the wall calendar, not popular. But if you think … Who are we all? First of all – the consumers! And how much we understand in consumption depends on many things. Health – for sure. A normal Moscow consumer knows that sausages every day are at least not useful. Even if it is on the counter 20 species. Because instead of meat that has long been ground cartilage, skins and vegetable protein. A normal consumer is aware that it is better not to carry a mobile phone next to your heart, but it is dangerous for the brain to talk about it for hours. And palm oil cream bottle is not sour cream, but a real poison, and let the producers eat it themselves – maybe they will die soon? Today, life is so arranged that the proper consumption of food, medicine, television programs, services of paid clinics, gyms and everything else is critically important. A smart consumer lives much longer and better than a stupid. Let's remember this. Good holiday!

Chief editor of the blogJosh.