Nutritionists told how to lose with chocolate amp nbsp

Experts have published a list of products that contribute to weight loss, do not affect weight and improve digestion. It turned out that in order to get in shape, it is not necessary to give up sweets. Nutritionists say that during the diet it is possible and even necessary to use dark chocolate with a cocoa content of at least 70 percent. According to experts, it not only has a positive effect on the physiological processes that occur in the body, but also helps absorb glucose. In addition to chocolate, the list of dietary products also contains pickled vegetables that contribute to fast saturation due to acetic acid, peppers and eggs, but they are desirable to eat for breakfast. And scientists called sardines as the most useful product for the figure. They contain proteins and unsaturated fatty acids that improve metabolism, according to the Federal News Agency. See also: Benefit or harm: how low-carb diet affects health

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