Most housewives are responsible for planning the holiday menu and continue with this in advance.

The new 2020 will be in the possession of White Metal Rat. It is known that this animal loves to eat a lot and always tries to put away stocks, so try to surprise the mistress of the year with an abundance of delicious dishes.

What can not be served not to cause disaster:

1. Beef dishes are not allowed. If you plan to serve sausages and cuts of meat as an appetizer, you should familiarize yourself with the composition beforehand.

2. Exclude all products in which gelatin is present.

3. Liquor fans should do without their favorite pickles. By the way, tomatoes and sauerkraut were also banned.

4. From alcoholic beverages, quality whiskey and vodka are allowed.

5. Try to make sure your table is full of natural food.

Photo: Pixabay


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