Cottage cheese

Cottage cheese is one of the valuable products that should be consumed regularly. But this is often an underrated and forgotten product.

It is a rich source of amino acids, vitamins B, A and C as well as protein and folic acid.

Contains omega-3 and omega-6 unsaturated fatty acids. Therefore, we must include this in our diet.

Look at the nutritionists' arguments:

1. Saturate the body and help burn fat.

Kesame satisfies hunger for a long time without interfering with metabolism.

You can even include it in the dinner menu before going to bed, without the risk of gaining extra pounds.

It is especially suitable for those who like their figure.

It is rapidly absorbed even if a person has lactose intolerance. It contains a lot of protein and trace elements, as well as the amino acid methionine, which accelerates fat burning.

2. Recommended for chronic conditions.

Cottage cheese can be included in the menu for people suffering from liver disease.

It is a particularly good source of calcium, which is why it is useful for people at risk for osteoporosis and brittle bones, as well as for adults.

3. Eliminates stress.

The consumption of cottage cheese stimulates the synthesis of the happiness hormone – serotonin, because it is rich in a valuable amino acid – tryptophan.

Cottage cheese also contains choline, which improves the functioning of the entire nervous system as well as the brain. If he is regularly on the menu, you will sleep longer, be calmer and more easily able to cope with stress.

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4. Increases immunity.

Cottage cheese is on the list of products that help create high immune systems.

It contains many beneficial bacteria that enhance the balance of the gut microflora and inhibit the reproduction of pathogenic bacteria that cause many diseases.

5. The regular use of cottage cheese is a good prevention of infections, including thrush and other fungal diseases.

6. Helps with atherosclerosis.

If you regularly use cottage cheese, this is also a good prevention of atherosclerosis, where blood vessels lose their elasticity, narrow and lie on the walls of atherosclerotic plaque.

This dramatically increases the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Cottage cheese amino acids are especially useful because they help the body get rid of toxic compounds that damage blood vessels and cause atherosclerosis.

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