Borsch is one of the most common and very tasty dishes.

And the recipe for this soup is not very complicated – there is no such person who does not know the main ingredients of this delicious borsch.

At the same time, every housewife wants to make her borscht even more tasty, so it is her plate that has a rich and vibrant taste and does not look like anyone else's.

In cooking, there are no special rules on which to prepare this soup, but there are spices that ruin the dish, so it is better to refuse to use them.

So qualified chefs are categorically advised not to add the following spices to the borsch:

cloves, cinnamon and other spices; it is better for ginger lovers to serve it on a separate plate, but it is better not to add it to the general pan; Korean spices are also not suitable for Russian cuisine, especially for borsch; Despite the fact that hops-suneli is a universal spice, it is better not to add it to the soup.

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