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Cooking is a whole art that encompasses the centuries old invaluable experience of chefs and many recipes around the world. It includes various methods of cooking, such as frying, cooking, stewing, baking.

Agree that not every one of you with great pleasure spends much time preparing food, and that is our most important and daily need!

Today, "walking distance" has become very popular, but unfortunately it is not always healthy. Consider some life hacking, and find out what needs to be done to cook at home a quick, tasty and exciting affair?


Meat must start roasting shortly before serving.

Do you want crispy meat? Add a tablespoon of flour when roasting meat.

To make the meat soft, you can lubricate it with vegetable oil and vinegar one hour before frying.

For meat did not give the juice, no need to salt it in advance.

The paper will help remove excess fat from the chicken, for it will probably be enough to dry it with a paper towel.

Filling will defrost faster if it is broken into pieces.


To remove the persistence of pepper, you can thoroughly rinse it under running water and remove seeds.

So when roasting onions, there is no unpleasant odor, add a little salt.

Green in all dishes must be added before serving to the table.

Potatoes should be cut while still hot.


In any patisserie you can add semolina, the dough will turn out lush.

Cakes can burn when there is excess sugar in the dough.

The dough is crumbled if it has little liquid but very fat.

Raisins must roll in flour and then only add to the dough.

If it is necessary to cut a hot cake, it can best be done with a hot knife.

Fruits and berries:

Making the pineapple and watermelon even sweeter can they be a little salted, the most important thing is not to overdo it!

Bananas will last much longer if their base is wrapped in foil or adhesive film.

The sliced ​​kiwi can easily be eaten with a spoon.

That the lemon juice squeezed easier to keep it for a few seconds in the microwave.

You can save fresh berries in the freezer, they must be washed, dried and frozen, and when thawed, they will also retain all the beneficial properties.

Vegetables and fruits wrapped in foil keep their freshness much longer.

Bonus: So the ice cubes are transparent, freeze boiled water!

Cooking generally includes many such secrets and tricks. They are easy to use and do not take much time, and the cooking process is interesting. No wonder cooking is considered an art, not a daily routine!

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