Milk diluted with water found in the shops of Skt

In St. Petersburg sells the active milk diluted with water, reports from Interfax Northwest. Experts from the Public Organization of Consumers "Public Control" controlled the milk, which is sold in the city's stores. They chose 12 samples. Natural drinks were extremely small. – More than half of the pasteurized milk that comes to the shelves in St. Petersburg, does not meet the requirements of GOST, said "We took all the brands in the budget segment. We purchased 12 samples of pasteurized milk, seven of which do not meet the requirements," said the organization's chairman Vsevolod Vishnevetsky. In addition, five of the seven showed themselves to be just false. They were generously diluted with water. And the fat and protein content of counterfeit milk is significantly lower than indicated on the package. He noted that last year the research results were better. In 2018, only three samples of poor-quality pasteurized milk were found on the counters in the city. At this time, only five samples were tested for quality. According to the expert, this means that St. Citizens who buy milk do not receive the benefits they need to receive.

Chief editor of the blogJosh.