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ROME, March 10 – RIA News, Alexander Logunov. Italian cuisine is the best for the Orthodox fast: The basis of the Italians healthy diet is vegetables and fruits that can be found in abundance on the shelves of supermarkets and markets at any time of the year. It is no coincidence that about 8 percent of the population adhere to vegetarian and vegan diets in the Apennines, making Italy one of the most "herbivorous" countries in Europe. RIA Novosti turned to chefs from several Roman restaurants to learn how religious traditions are observed in food of our time and what advice they can give to regular Russians. Fasting or abstinence? Lent in the Catholic Church this year began a few days before the Orthodox from Ash Wednesday, which fell on March 6, but the daily lives of ordinary Italians pass along parallel paths with it. It seems that the love of food gained in this country religious prohibition, and Catholic believers received much softer rules for fasting compared to fellow believers in Orthodox churches. By "fasting", Catholics understand primarily the reduction of food consumption, and only so "abstinence" which in gastronomic terms means giving up meat and even not all 40 days before Easter. As a result, Catholics limit themselves to food on certain fixed days, for example on Fridays, while on other days they are allowed to get dairy products and fish. Of course, not all Italians are familiar with the rules of observance of fasting in the Orthodox Church, and culinary professionals are surprised every time the Russians maintain nearly a month and a half on a vegan diet. The discussion of the recipes, which in the heat of conversation managed to reach the degree "I want to show you how to do it right", stumbled upon the first obstacles that cannot be overcome, in the form of the inability to use cheese or plain bread in Lenten dishes . Along with the rules of compliance with the position, cooks must explain what is in Russian grocery stores and which ingredients are beyond the average Russian economic reach. Then fresh asparagus becomes thawed broccoli, and risotto gets a lean version of vegetable broth with olive oil. Salads and appetizers: the most important – fantasy The interview of a correspondent from the agency responded to the preparation of the Lenten menu for the Russians as a professional challenge. Claudio Mantovani, head of the small trattoria Il Fiammifero Strano, at this occasion outlined a recipe for salad with stick and pear. "Spelled is everywhere: It seems to me that it came to Italy in the 13th century, it is cooked like rice. After 20 minutes of cooking it needs to be cooled, add olive oil, salt and pepper, slightly finely cut and combine with lettuce leaves and any Tomato, for example, cherry tomatoes and cucumbers In view of the fact that we cannot use cheese, we will make pear puree, such as lemon juice, olive oil and a drop of balsamic vinegar will enter the blender, this is the end of the world, says Mantovani. Claudio a slightly modified recipe for a Sicilian eggplant saucepan, which, when it gets lean, gets rid of the main ingredient, grated cheese.In her he invites you to take grilled eggplants laid in layers and coated with a green sauce with basil, olive oil and pine nuts – they will be replaced by cedar in Russia. "We will sprinkle grated tofu, which will serve as Parmesan, on top of the pan and put it in the oven heated to 200 degrees for 10 minutes. Everything is very simple, "said the chef. According to him, in Russia, various types of rice, buckwheat and other grains can enter the lean diet. Hot tomato soup, the ingredients that (usually onions, peppers, cucumbers and tomatoes) can be painted in a blender, can be heated in early spring.The author's addition to "Gazpacho in Russian" Mantovani offers to cook biscuits from rice.After boiling, basmati rice must be put on paper to get rid of the extra flags and cool and then form small rice cakes, the size of cakes, spices with butter, salt and pepper and cooling. "They are beautiful in appearance and pleasant to the taste. As you can see, there is no reason to invent anything – it is enough to have simple, high-quality products, "the chef said. Soups in the Russian way The first dish on Alesandro's fast menu, a cook from the old restaurant Fiaschetteria Marini , was a simple bean soup found in kitchens and restaurants throughout Italy, and is pleased to say that bean and short-paste soup is one of the most important Italian dishes and does not contradict the prohibition of orthodox major loans "Twelve hours before cooking, dark beans should be soaked. First, I make a zazharki from onions, carrots and garlic (the so-called soffritto – the cornerstone of a good half of Italian dishes – red), and then add beans and vegetable sweets. Over low heat, the soup is boiled for about an hour and a half, after which it must be seasoned with salt and tomatoes should be added. The main goal is to keep them at the end so the soup does not become too sour. The bowl is very simple and nutritious, especially in cold weather, "explains the young chef. His colleague Adriano Karlomusto, chef of Il Piccolo Mondo, a popular tourist destination, offers Russians to make ribolita, a thick vegetable soup, originally from Tuscany." The cabbage grows with you, do it? "All ingredients – potatoes, mushrooms, cabbage, onions, carrots, celery, garlic are roasted a little, then poured with water, supplemented with chopped cabbage and cooked over high heat, for example from a saucepan 10 liters After a couple of hours, the vegetables become almost puree, then you can add dried bread to the soup – in our case, the lean, which will absorb the broth. After another two hours you can serve the soup to the table, "said the agency's interlocutor complained over that in the soup again, you can not add grated cheese. According to him, Italian cuisine can offer fasting tourists from Russia who come to Italy for the holidays, a variety of dishes that do not come from animal products. This is a simple pasta with basil and tomato sauce, mushrooms, grilled vegetables, green salads and even sorbets – desserts made from frozen fruits, which, however, are not very well combined with the very idea of ​​Christian abstinence. Risotto and not just "Sometimes customers come to me who say they are regular and therefore they ask for non-alcoholic beer, otherwise they eat everything else," says Alessandro. – It seems to me that the tradition of Great Lent is a little lost here and its rules are not as serious as yours. So here it is primarily about alcohol. "He says that among the visitors to his restaurant, there are those who do not eat fish on Friday, but the rest of the menu at their family restaurant does not change during the days of the loan. of risotto found from time to time For his risotto, Alessandro arborio rises rice which is high in starch and unlike most recipes, warms it immediately in the pan and avoids excess fat and onion flavor of the traditional base. is in a translucent state – on the stove it can be disturbed by vomiting. Then add boiling broth and add constantly, the level must always be slightly higher than rice. In parallel, broccoli is cooked. Half of them should be immediately cooled in ice water, so the vegetable does not lose its bright green color, the other half can be painted in a blender. "Italian shares its advice. As mentioned in V. V. Pokhlebkin's culinary dictionary, risotto is a common type of rice dish where various flavors are added to the bottom of cooked rice. Risotto can virtually have countless variations, it is never related to the exact number of components and their exact relationship. Everything depends on regional habits and personal fantasy culinary. "" Arborio prepares about 15 minutes. After half of this time you can add broccoli puree, and at the end – vegetables left intact. When the rice is ready, it's time for mantecatura – you have to extinguish the fire. Add olive oil and stir risotto intensively to stop the cooking process and make the recipe cut more creamy, "explains the chef. He noted that for several years he did not use butter in the final cooking phase, it was replaced by olive oil, which aims for ease of dish and changes What the Church Believes The waiters in both the Russian Orthodox and Roman Catholic churches emphasize that the essence of the Lent is not in diet and limitations, but in purifying the soul is liberation from bad thoughts and spiritual preparation to the most important Christian holiday – Holy Passover. "Addiction is not a refusal to eat, it is a way to find an opportunity to do good deeds – sacrifice even small things for Christ, told the priest in the Basilica of Santa Maria della Vittoria Raffaele RIA Novosti According to him, the importance of the prior Passover fast in Jesus' conversion to His disciples, as given in Matthew's Gospel: "If any one follow me, reject me and take up his cross and follow me. " "But to follow the Savior we must prepare the body – by rejecting something small. It could be a computer, TV shows … and even a cigarette. It seems to me that there is a little faith in us all" – said the older paddles. His brother in Christ, a minister of the nearby church St. Bernard, named Lazzaro, agrees with him. "The most important thing is to pray and follow Christ. But the way to go with the heart is this desire to do something that makes the Lord smile," says the priest.

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