Is it good to eat potatoes amp Nbsp

Potatoes are an ingredient in many recipes and one participant in many myths. They say eating potatoes leads to excess weight, but that's not true. With the unreasonable use of a product it will lead to completeness, it is not a reason to refuse such a useful thing as potatoes. These are only the main benefits of eating potatoes. High fiber resistance to diseases Like all sources of dietary fiber, potatoes are good for the digestive system. Its use helps reduce the risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease. Vitamin B6 is present in potatoes, it is important for the fight against nerve diseases. Authorized for diabetics Many believe that eating potatoes increases blood sugar levels, but potato is contraindicated in diabetic patients. In fact, research on the effect of the glycemic index of potatoes on diabetes regulation is not enough, this product is not prohibited in the diabetic menu. Skin Care Vitamin C is present in potatoes, which is good for the whole body, especially for the skin. The benefits of skin appear when eating potatoes inside and using it as a means of home cosmetology. For example, if you put sliced ​​raw potatoes under your eyes, then after half an hour there will be no traces of dark circles under your eyes. Block Related Articles Improving the General Health Potatoes do not contain many calories after eating, filling that stomach and filling you for a long time. Regular use of potatoes reduces the level of cholesterol in the body. Benefits to the Brain Potatoes supply copper and iron to the human body. These two components are necessary for the nervous system to function properly, especially for the brain. Inflammation Removal Potato rescues from internal and external inflammation, this product eliminates inflammatory processes in the oral cavity and in the digestive tract. When inflammation of the skin uses lotions from raw potatoes, this method has been tested by several generations of humans. Solving blue marks By analogy with dark circles under the eyes, potatoes can remove the bladder on any part of the skin. Also raw potato compresses are used successfully for the treatment of burns, bruises, sprains. Reduction of kidney stones Kidney stones are mainly caused by increased levels of uric acid in the blood. In the presence of kidney stones, you should eat more potatoes, iron and calcium in this product contributing to the reduction of stones. Stress Management Vitamin B6 present in potatoes is essential for cellular renewal, this product will also be useful for getting rid of stress in any manifestation. Vitamin B6 is involved in the formation of adrenaline hormones, which determine the response to stress and a feeling of well-being. Read more Other materials on the subject: 7 tips for healthy eating 8 benefits of egg yolk 6 foods for weight gain

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