In Ufa researchers have developed non alcoholic komississ amp nbsp

In the Bashkir state, Agrarian University created a unique composition for a variety of fermented dairy milk based dairy products. One characteristic of the new development is the lack of alcohol in the composition. This was reported in the press service at the university. Svetlana Kanareykina, Associate Professor in Dairy, Dairy Products and Chemistry Technology Department of BGAU Food Technology Faculty, and Vladimir Kanareikin, Associate Professor at the Department of Applied and Natural Sciences, Ufa Oil State University, were engaged in the search for a new product. Their development consists of cow, mare and skimmed milk powder as well as sourdough for yogurt. According to the researchers, the final product contains almost all of the vitamins needed for human health, as well as amino acids and polyunsaturated fatty acids. Studies conducted at the Federal Research Center for Nutrition, Biotechnology and Food Safety have shown the high nutritional and biological value of the new composition of bashkir researchers. In addition, this product inhibits the development of tuberculosis at the expense of bactericidal properties. The authors have already issued a patent. A number of entrepreneurs have become interested in the development.

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