Over the past year, European countries can boast more than one machine and issue finished products for consumption.

The most common are vending machines that give out coffee, champagne, muffins. Among the more "exotic" machines, there are those that give out pizza and even black caviar.

To keep up with the progress, Belgian experts presented their candidacy and presented for an ordinary display an automatic machine that issues French fries. In addition, the method of preparing french fries from vending machines has changed in the recipe. Here it is cooked in hot beef fat in contrast to the standard cooked in vegetable oil. Thanks to this factor, potatoes from the vending machine can seriously compete with snack makers.

To get a serving of hot french fries, you have to pay 2.5 euros and in the next 90 seconds the machine will give you the desired snack.


Chief editor of the blogJosh.