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Anyone who has ever tried genuine Uzbek plow would like to repeat it in his kitchen.

The secret of cooking is simple: the most important thing is to observe the order, to choose the right dishes and ingredients. The amount of rice will be governed by your taste preferences. As for the proportions, take 200 g of rice to 1 kg of meat.

For bowls: You can't make pilaf either in a frying pan or in a slow cooker – only a kettle is needed. It is necessary to heat it up, and then throw the inconvenient onion and burn it to black. Don't forget to remove it. Then fry the onions, cut into half rings for 10 minutes until dark yellow. Then comes the departure of the meat.

In the original recipe, only lambs, dice are used. Fry the meat for cherries.

Then comes the carrot turning, torn with a thin straw. Add to the kettle and do not mix for 3-4 minutes. Then mix everything and step for 10 minutes. Add boiling water to increase 1 cm above the components. Then we throw dried pepper, cook less and leave on the stove for 60 minutes.

After adding salt and spices: Pre-chopped coriander and cumin, barberry. Cook for approx. 10 minutes. Then comes the rice's lap. It must be completely washed. Spread it evenly on the meat, bring the fire to the maximum. Pour boiling water so that it is 3 cm above the contents.

As soon as the water is absorbed in the rice, we press the garlic (the whole head) into it, reducing the heat to half. Cook for rice is soft. Then put the fire on at least, cover with a lid and cook for another half an hour.

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