How to make biscuits amp nbsp

The word "biscuits" has several culinary meanings. The origin of the word is Latin, in the literary translation of biscuits – "double boiled" (bis coctus). In the UK, confectionery bread was called biscuits – sweetened crust cooked with lots of eggs, fluffy and elastic (hence another name for sponge cake: sponge cake or "sponge cake"). Often they were sandwiched with jam or cream. Biscuits were an integral part of the famous English five-hour tea. As part of the peel was (and no) oil, so it was stored for a long time, not the mug, just dried out. Incidentally, the name "biscuits" in North America was attached to flat fixed cakes: apparently thanks to the English seamen who brought dried biscuits from their homeland with them. In our country most often means under the biscuit biscuits, cakes used for cakes and pastries. That it became the reason for this master class. Ilya Zamogilin-Sudzilovsky, pastry chef at Remy Kitchen Bakery restaurant and newly opened burger Remy Burger shared a proven and simple recipe. "Biscuit is a moderately sweet dessert dough, mechanically loosened, with no soda or baking soda. Biscuits must be fluffy and evenly porous and should not be flat, wet or sticky. When pressed, it cracks. Biscuits are most often used as cake for rolls and rolls Biscuits are a base around which dessert is then built, but you can make a sponge cake with a smaller amount of sugar and then it can be combined with a duck or pate, I will give you the easiest biscuit recipe. where egg yolks or whites are whipped separately with sugar in one order or another We make this dough: beat the proteins with sugar and then mix them with the rest of the ingredients 1. Pour 270 grams of protein into the bowl, start beating With slow speed, as soon as the foam appears, gradually add sugar, 270 grams. If we start to beat everything at once, the foam will not be so lush. If we instantly combine the two heavy masses (protein r and sugar), the foam will be heavy. If you plan to use mushroom cake, add 50 grams more sugar. 2. Bleach white and sugar at medium speed for 5-6 minutes until the volume is doubled. During this time, the air is evenly distributed in the foam and it will be fluffy and elastic, uniform. 3. Add 180 grams of egg yolk. Why do I take a different amount of proteins and yolks that do not correspond to a certain number of eggs? Egg yolks contain fat, if there is too much of it in the dough, it will rise badly. Beat egg yolks with white and sugar for 15 seconds. 4. Sift 185 grams of high quality wheat flour and 70 grams of corn starch through a sieve. We use the highest quality wheat flour with a maximum of 13% protein. If the protein content is 14-15%, the dough will be very tight, bread. Grains and potato starch have a different molecular structure, therefore the dough is made with their participation differently. On corn sponge cake will be more loose and resilient, which is what we need. But if there is no corn starch, you can replace it with potato, the same amount, only the dough becomes dense. It will not affect the taste. Add flour and starch to the protein mass. 5. Stir all with your hand with a whisk, moving from the center to the edge gently so that the mass does not sink. It is convenient to adjust the vertebrae with your hand: no mixer will work so delicately. The right consistency of the dough is creamy. 6. Pour the dough onto a baking tray covered with parchment, level it with a spatula. The best biscuits are available on parchment; Silicone sheets are thick, they have less thermal conductivity. You can put a ring on a baking sheet and pour a sponge cake into it to immediately get the desired cake shape. You can cut the cake already from the finished biscuit. There is no difference. 7. Send the dough to an oven heated to 180 degrees for 15-20 minutes. 8. The finished biscuit must be skipped. Click on him and he will immediately rise. The color should be slightly rosy, but not caramel. 9. Done! Biscuits turned out to be soft, loose and airy. You can suck it with sugar syrup. To do this, boil the syrup in the ratio 1/1 (sugar and water), cool. Coat the cakes with a syrup with a silicone brush. And you can continue with further preparation of the cake or cake.

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