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Culinary art is a subtle and complex science, the skill that comes with experience only.

No one is born of the excellent cooks' innate skills – everything is accomplished by endurance and desire.

But there are a number of simple tips that will help the beginning (and not just him) culinary on the way to master the art of cooking.

Tips for meat products:

1. The defrosted meat gives to roast much better. It will be juicy and tasty.

2. For the chicken and pigs to be juicy, as in an expensive restaurant, they must be soaked. Time varies from half an hour to 8 hours: depends on your taste preferences. A quarter cup of salt (better than sea salt) is taken per. Liter water and your favorite herbs and spices are added.

3. That beef came out soft, it is better to marinate in kiwi. Shake it and leave it with the meat for the desired time.

4. Meat before frying should be the promaknut napkin.

5. The most tasty portion of pork is fillet, and the shoulder portion is universal, which is suitable for the execution of all dishes.

Secrets of the Perfect Soup:

1. For clear broth, take only cold water which boils over low heat.

2. The ideal choice would be meat on the leg.

3. Must be removed without error. If you did not follow, there is such a way: Pour a cup of cold water into the soup and remove the foam that has come up.

4. If the soup is mushroom or from vegetables, then you can salt it at the beginning. Meat soups salt near the end and then add spices.

5. Do not attempt to serve the soup immediately according to its readiness: If you leave it for about half an hour, it will have a richer taste.

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