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Many nutritionists recommend giving up potatoes as it is not only very harmful to the figure, but also to the health.

However, experts told how to make potatoes correctly, and first, remember that every type of potato should be accompanied by vegetables: cabbage, pepper, zucchini.

It is also noted that the most harmful type of potato is fried and french fries.

The fact is that the more oil and the higher the cooking temperature, the more dangerous the dish.

Eating this regularly can increase your risk of death after 45 years.

Surprisingly, fresh potatoes, boiled on the water, pose a health hazard due to starch, but as soon as it stays slightly in the fridge, it goes into a resilient form. In fact, the dish turns into a complex compound comparable to whole grain cereals.

But adding milk and butter causes the glycemic bomb to bog down, which will eventually result in obesity or diabetes.

The safest way to cook potatoes is to bake in a peel and without oil. In this case, it is possible to minimize damage to starch as well as to obtain a maximum of useful elements from the root crop.

In any case, it is better not to abuse potato dishes and should not eat more often a few times a week.

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