Everyone has heard of the miracle – properties of buckwheat porridge: it lowers blood sugar, relaxes blood vessels, lowers blood pressure and even reduces the risk of gallstones. And how to make it right?

Of course, in preparing this tasty, it is desirable to observe proportions. But buckwheat loves water, and even if you pour it, nothing happens. But generally, it is recommended to pour two glasses of water on a glass of buckwheat.

Before cooking, buckwheat must be washed to remove it from impurities, pebbles that accidentally got there. Repeat this simple procedure, it is desirable several times until the water where the grain is washed is clean and transparent.

Cooking buckwheat porridge is desirable in a thick-walled bowl. We light the fire and cook. Salt to taste. Experienced housewives recommend reducing the heat to a minimum after cooking, covering the pan with a lid and cooking for 10 minutes. At this point you can fry onions and carrots in butter. When buckwheat is ready, you can add vegetables to it. The porridge will be crispy and fragrant if placed for five minutes after cooking in a hot oven.

Enjoy your meal!


Chief editor of the blogJosh.