How to cook a delicious and hearty lunch in the

Tasty and hearty lunch is quite possible to prepare, using ingredients of vegetable origin only. Potatoes with cheese – Potatoes 300 g – Bulgarian pepper in two colors 2 pcs. – Tofuost 100 g – Vegetables, spices The dish is prepared in two phases. First fried potatoes, sliced ​​in thin slices. And then vegetables are made: Pepper can be chopped in strips, salt and let it brew. Cheese is cut into cubes. Then all the components are mixed and watered with olive oil. Classic Vinaigrette – Bee 2 pcs. – Potatoes 3 pcs. – Carrots 1 pcs. – Pickled cucumbers 2 pcs. – Oil, spices – Green peas 1 can salad is quite satisfying and very useful. Cook the rice and let it cool. Carrots also, cook and cut into cubes, like a cucumber. Then combine all ingredients in a bowl, add chopped garlic and season with oil.

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